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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Jason Does Silver Spring II

Jason was up and at 'em early, with Jodi joining him early on in the day. In PT Jason received the facial shock treatment, he said that it didn't seem to make as much a difference as the first ones did. They spent the rest of the time trying to open his locked hip. I always notice that he can walk better after PT, but if Jason walks for a long time it becomes more difficult for him as I assume he gets tired.

We got together before noon because the weather was perfect (sunny and 50) and Jason wanted to return to Silver Spring to see a movie with Jodi. Dow and I brought Jason's new wheel chair, one for his size, and we all took off in the van borrowed from Martha and Charles (thanks again) and headed to the show. We first watched Dick and Jane with Jim Carrey (sorta cute, I liked the costumes they wore when robbing places) then we went to a restaraunt where Jason and I selected individual pasta, meat, sauce and toppings. Sorta like ordering a pizza but I loved it--broccoli, artichokes and mushrooms, yummy. Jason had a penne with pesto dressing. After dinner, we wondered over to the bookstore to see if Jason could read a hardback book, the paperbacks are too small in print. We found this page magnifier and Jason could read! Borders also told us to go online to their webpage and they have links to groups that help with reading aids. (after Christmas chore.)

Then Jason decided "I don't want to go back to the hospital." So it was...back to the movies! We all went to see the Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis. One of my favorite stories, although I did walk out during the war scene, just couldn't stay and watch.

Jason and Jodi walked the shopping area holding hands and it was the very best Christmas present ever! What a blessing to see Jason up and out and enjoying his day. All the parents and spouses are saying, "This is the best/worst Christmas ." We are so glad he/she is alive, we never would want to be here. We are glad we are here." One of the parents is a caterer and brought in this wonderful "light buffet" of turkey and ham salads, sausage, cheeses, etc. etc. Everyone was thankful for her generosity, her son has been at WR a month and she drove in from PA today with all this food. She was telling us, "This was something I wanted to do for my daughter in law and family. Now I think I may come back and do this every year on Christmas Eve for the families of Walter Reed." I thought "Truly this is the true meaning of Christmas; a time of compassion to others in need." It was so good to receive. I am very thankful for the goodness of all the people we meet. Truly this love is God's Presence in the world.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast at Mologne House, lunch like Thanksgiving at WR and then stay stuffed for the rest of the day! Lisa and family will arrive late and Dow will pick them up from Reagan National and take them to Bernie's "home base" where they will spend the week.
May your visits with family and friends be a time of love and peace and food and laughter. Know that all of us Jason, Dow and myself send you prayers of blessings, good thoughts and many hugs for your kindness to us.


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