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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Christmas week at WR/DC with Grandkids

This is a family report of Christmas at WR and DC, so feel free to skip it if you want to focus on Jason experience and activities. I had wondered what it would be like to be at WR because after our granchildren were born we have spent Christmas week in FL with them for a traditional family holiday together. Jason always joined us there for at least a few days even after he joined the army. So instead of being in one home and doing things together we continually created subgroups of adults and children here, there, and everywhere around DC.

All of the Scott and Ryan family want to send a very special thanks to Martha and her husband who very generously gave us the use of their van for this week. We could not have had such a wonderful week especially for Jason's increasing outings without it. Blessings to the Turners.

All of us also want to send a very special "Thank you" to Bernie Byrne who generously opened up his home to us for the week. Subgroups of us slept at Bernie's throughout the week; myself and children, Dow and children, Lisa and Charlie and children. The fridge was always open for Christmas dinner leftovers and bagels and cream cheese were found in abundant supply. Millie the dog was patted and loved especially by Ellie as she awaits eagerly for her Christmas puppy to arrive when she gets back to FL. Many blessings Bernie.

During the week "fun events" for the children included:
Can two boys "beat the elevators" of WR? JC particularly loved the run upstairs or downstairs "against the elevators." From 5th floor to 1, or vice a versa. We almost always were greeted by smiling faces of two boys that said, "We beat you!!" Now you may not think this is not much except for one thing. WR has 1/2 floors that are hidden from you unless you "run the stairwells." If you only take the elevators, you would never know these floors with restricted access exist. Our grandsons were running two floors to our "one" by elevator. So...our grandsons are REALLY good climbers up or down!

Let's go to the National Zoo in wintertime. We fed the kids lots of lunch at the WR mess and headed down the Rockcreek Parkway (out WR's back gate) for an easy trip to the zoo. Lots of people joined Dow and I and the grandkids on Tuesday as we spent the time letting the kids lead the way around the zoo and to various exhibits. We wanted to see the panda baby, but one needs tickets so we watched Ellie on Dow's shoulders; an adult can't tell mom or dad, eat bamboo and have a great time in his/her outdoor pen. Jonathon loves nature so he was at home in the zoo wanting to see it all.

Let's see the White House. On Wednesday, Charlie flew in from FL and met the boys and Lisa and Dow downtown. They went to a showing about the Christmas decorations then at 7PM went on a rushed tour through the WH. Lisa said it lasted only about 20 minutes "good enough for the boys" but Lisa wanted the docents to really tell them about each room and its furniture and history. She was disappointed in the shortness and lack of information.

Let's do DC at night. Carol McQuirk and her two college age daughers-Catherine and Helen very generously picked Lisa, myself and the children up at Union Station on Thursday after dark. We spent two hours traversing the Mall area seeing the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the White House Christmas tree and decorated trees from each of the 50 states and territories. We saw the Capitol tree, this year from NM and 90 feet tall. This tree was decorated with items made by school children, we think, including plain wooden crosses hung with chili peppers which were beautiful. Also tin art, this time made from pie pans and painted. Every inch of the tree was covered with lights or decorations, absolutely beautiful.

On Thursday Charlie and Lisa and I had a day with Ellie, while the boys were with Granddad.
We started off for the Children's Museum located in DC we thought. When we found our way to the block...very huge hole in the ground and very huge condo development beginning where the museum once stood. So... what to do? Charlie looked at the map and the only place that included "children" was the building housing the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) built in the early 1900's. The building has a fabulous herstory and one of the best geneological libraries (for those who are interested). The DAR was involved in peacemaking activities through much of its herstory. The present library once was a room for Congresses and conventions focusing on women's place and activities. The building houses rooms full of furniture and artifacts from the 1700 and 1800's each one donated by a state chapter.

Florida children do winter:
All the children attempted to ice skate just in time for JC's party in January. (he wants to have a skating party). Dow and Charlie/Dow and Lisa took the children to central DC where they had fun giving it a go. One time Ellie was included so granddad Dow had fun helping her try to skate.
Florida born and raised Charlie sat the skating out and applauded his children from the bench.

On Wednesday Ellie and I stayed at Bernie's while Lisa and boys went off to tour the White House. We had a quiet day with Millie the dog who Ellie had in-the-house races with. Great time for both. Our adventure of the day was "Ellie meets snow" Remember Ellie is 4 and is a FL girl. DC had snow a week or so ago but all that was left was the pile at the back of the local park's parking lot. This was enough for Ellie. Without the boys she was free to encounter the "white stuff" on her own terms. Although old, cold, and icy Ellie played for a half hour jumping on, throwing, climbing on, sliding down snow. Her one question, "Can I eat it?" This nana felt so bad when I had to say "No, Ellie, it is too old and very dirty." How I wish it were fresh so she could have tasted it. Ellie was so tired from her busy day, while Bernie and I were watching Jeapordy we missed her. Ellie had gone upstairs, tucked herself in and was sound asleep in the middle of her mother's bed.


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