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Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas at Walter Reed-Monday

Today was Christmas at Walter Reed (staffing and activities were at weekend levels . The hospital was closed except for patients and their visitors. Saw new families today and hear that the use of IED's is increasing in Afghanistan. Pray for peace and that our soldiers come home safe.

Dow spent the night with Lisa and family at Bernies so I arrived at Jason's room at 8:30 and Jodi arrived shortly after. Jason ate breakfast and we headed toward PT on the 5th floor, weekend schedule. On the way Dow and Lisa and the grandkids caught up with us. Jason too, the PT had brought his son to work today. LJ is 8 so the boys and he had a great time doing the "PT games/exercises" Jason too created for them to keep them busy while he worked with Jason and Clarence his patients for the hour. The Ryan kids each took 10 minutes on the treadmill. Jason received his facial shock treatment for 30 minutes and laid at the side of the bed; weight at his ankle with foot and leg off the bed pulling the hip out of the socket. Dr Todd arrived and had a good visit with all the family.

Then it was back to the room to regroup and using Martha's van pile in and head for the Smithsonian on the Mall. Painful ride for Jason as he cannot bend the right hip. Dow thought it would be much shorter as he had travelled it the night before. We all ate a late lunch together at the Art Museum in front of the waterfall, if you have visited the museum. Jodi and Jason went off to walk the halls of the museum on their own. Later they said they did both buildings. Dow took the boys to the Museum of History for dinosaurs, etc. Lisa and Ellie (4) and I headed for the Museum which houses the First Lady exhibit. Both Lisa and I remembered as being much changed from our earlier visits. Now it has much more history of the lives and activities--politics, campaigns, etc. of the First Ladies, not just dresses in case after case. Ellie said that she liked the red sparkly dress the best (I believe it is Ms. Laura Bush's from the second inaurgural balls.)

At 5 PM we all reconvened at the Art Museum and took Jodi to the Metro stop for her return to FL. We headed N to WR where Ellie and I got out. The boys, Lisa, Jason and Dow headed for Silver Spring, dinner and movie. Lisa was taking the boys to Chronicles of Narnia, don't know what Jason and Dow will see. Ellie and I ate dinner at the mess hall, about a dozen folks beside us. After we went the Mologne house to watch a DVD except 20th century nana couldn't get the hi-tech equipment to work. I decided to do the blog while Ellie explores the room and all the "good stuff." I will be spending the night with Lisa and family at Bernie's while Dow stays at WR to help Jason with his shower tomorrow morning.

Jason had a great day out, was sad to see Jodi leave, and knows tomorrow the schedule will be 8:30 to noon PT and OT; lunch then back again for OT and PT from 1 to 4 PM. Jason will walk when he has a chance. He is uncomfortable to have the kids in PT and OT so I will spend the day will Ellie at Bernie's while Lisa and Dow take the boys out to do DC.

Please continue to pray for Jason's complete healing including: vision, digestive tract, his bald spots, his face breakout, especially that the right hip will become unlocked, that the bone in his left wrist will break free. Blessings on each of you this holiday season.


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