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Monday, January 02, 2006

Sunday Happy New Year--Jason's stroll to Silver Spring

Jason and Jodi were going to have a marathon New Year's eve telephone conversation from 9PM to midnight. Jason said they almost made it--to 11:15 by then he was too exhausted and they had to "hang it up" so they will have to celebrate together next year!

Connie and I attended liturgy to start our New Year. Catholics celebrate a feast of St. Mary as Patroness of Peace on New Years day, so our prayers were especially for peace.

Aunt Connie and Dow arrived early but Jason was not having "let's get up and go to PT" He said he "was taking the day off!" Jason has really been active in PT and OT so we agreed especially after Jason said that he was going to try to walk to Silver Spring. The weather was perfect, sunny and probably close to 50 degrees. It is about 2.5 miles to Silver Spring and the movie theater so Dow and Jason headed out around 3PM. Jason wanted to have dinner then see a movie.

Connie and I had walked to Silver Spring earlier to get Jason his Jamba Juice as he hadn't had one in a week and I needed some groceries. We knew we might meet them heading N as we headed S and sure enough we did. It took Jason and Dow about 1 hour 15 minutes but Jason did it!!! We headed back to WR to pick up the van so we could ride home from the movie and we got there just in time to find that the movie King Kong was going to start. Jason said "Lets go now as the movie is 3 hours long!" So we skipped dinner, watched and watched as bugs, dinosaurs, and other creepy crawly creatures chased people over hill, dale and up and down mountains. As you know, "the monkey dies at the end" Connie and I could't decide if we liked this version better than the original. Jason said, "The girl has the same part, she screams, runs, and gets carried around by the monkey." Jason did not like the bugs! After we rode home in style in the van as we had all walked our walk today. Connie had to run to the train to get home to the Sisoleks who hosted her stay so she missed our carry in of sweet and sour chicken. We all hit the bed way after 10 PM.


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