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Friday, December 23, 2005

Jason Does Silver Spring

Jason started the day in PT doing lots of stretches and having a "facial" electrode treatment for his locked jaw. I caught up with Jason in OT, using his electronic prosthesis he was picking off clothespins from a wire rack. Each color of clothespin provided different resistance for Jason's electronic fingers to pick up. He said that the resistance didn't matter as his electronic hand is very strong. Jason also stacked color cones (I believe there is a picture of him in the album) and stacked cans. He could not pick up cans that were "filled" but only empty cans at this point.

After OT we headed back to Jason's room to await the arrival of Lisa Noble, a high school friend from Blacksburg days and Col Martha and Charles who are loaning us their van for Lisa and her family who will be arriving from Tampa on Christmas. Lisa arrived carrying pounds of Christmas cookies made for Jason by her mother and some neat "fun" gifts for Jason and Jodi. After we got the keys to the van and Martha and Charles headed off to Christmas in Minnesota, Jason took his new wheelchair and pad and Dow and he headed off to meet Lisa and I in the second floor lobby. Jason was able to get into the van with an assist from Dow and off we headed to Silver Spring about 2 miles N on Georgia Ave.

We parked the car and left the wheel chair in the van and headed to eat at a restaraunt called, I believe, the Canyon Grill. Jason ordered a chicken quesidilla because it was flat and easier to eat. I had their wonderful potato soup. After his first meal out of WR in 9 weeks, Jason was ready to shop. The Silver Spring shopping area has recently been redeveloped and everything is within walking distance. We walked over to the shopping mall, looks like a renovated office building, and Jason shopped for shoes and gifts. We had a leisurely time window shopping and I think Jason enjoyed this first outing. He wore a long sleeve shirt and carried himself well. Jason was tired and was ready to return about 4:30, about a 3 hour outing. A successful day for Jason. I did not experience Jason as uncomfortable in his surroundings except when we were eating as it is difficult for him with his left wrist problem and his mouth unable to open wide enough to take regular bites. I marvel at Jason's courage and determination to get out and "not have memories but to make memories" as he told me early after his injuries. I think today is only the beginning of his adventures and I am very proud of this young man, my son.

Lisa and Jason and Dow visited for a while after our return to WR, Dr. Wagner and his son stopped by to wish us a "Merry Christmas." I stepped out to see a young couple who may be medvaced to Florida and a brain trauma center there. Michelle does not want to leave until after Christmas, but right now they are scheduled to fly out Christmas Eve. Michelle and her husband are both in the army and Michelle says that she could not ask for better treatment for herself and her husband under these most difficult circumstances.

Let us pray for all the soldiers and their families at Walter Reed and
that soldiers all over the world may return to their homes in peace and safety.

Toilet Saga Continued:
Alas, the toilet still leaks. I will attempt to get it fixed next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Samarra. I hope your Christmas is good. We'll see you soon.

Saturday, December 24, 2005 3:01:00 PM  

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